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We love kids. And kids love to learn! They learn best when learning is fun. St. Paul’s KIDS’ WORLD is an ideal place for kids to learn and grow. Our colour-filled animated classrooms provide a thrilling and motivating experience for kids. We believe that quality education begins from a non-threatening place like this. It is where the foundation of all future learning is rooted.
We focus on a wide variety of skill areas. Our scholastic and co-scholastic assessments serve as an invaluable tool in exploring and discovering the child – who he/she is, what he/she is capable of or not capable of. We encourage hands-on practical lessons as much as possible. Students are active participants in the learning process. A desirable Student-Teacher ratio is maintained for effective teaching.
Our mission is to impart quality education to all children irrespective of gender, caste/tribe, status, religion or nationality. Our committed teachers relentlessly strive to translate our mission into measurable outcomes.
This is St. Paul’s Kids’ World. Let the kids learn the Joy of Learning!

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