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The world is changing and it’s changing faster than ever. Today, children are bombarded with lots of information everyday. They are being pressurized by the challenges and demands of everyday life. They asked questions, most of which go unanswered. Inability to find any solution they feel hopeless, and quickly become a victim of drug abuse, depression, failure and violence.


Many ACHIEVERS soon find themselves entangled in what seemed to be an inescapable web. The onset of puberty and the speedy changes it brought about turns the child into a “worry box”. Parents are equally worried to see their children changing so fast. Some deal with it efficiently, while most of them are lost and helpless. Some ignore it as if it’s OK.


Understanding these children may go a long way in helping them. But that’s not enough. They need to be equipped with the ability to deal effectively with their own problems.


Sensing this need St. Paul’s Institute is committed to deliver counselling services to its students who have emotional, academic, religious and social problems. We are not interested in the problems, but the child. Here is one place where you will be heard.

Counselling services can be availed by personally approaching the School Counsellor during school hours, or by mailing your questions to:

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