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Annual Competitions (Extra-scholastic Activities)

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Competitions are conducted in various disciplines in each academic session. The competition items are broadly categorised into –

  1. Physical sports
  2. Literary items

The Department of Competitions is in charge of these competitions.
Over 16 literary items and 13 physical sports items are conducted in an academic session. As per CBSE – CCE programme, students choose atleast two areas of interest each in literary and physical sports. Based on these chosen areas, students are continuously assessed and graded throughout the year. The termly gradings are displayed in the Student’s Achievement Record twice a year.
All the students are divided into 4 houses – Red, Blue, Green and White
They are also categorised as:

  1. Tiny Tots: Nursery - Class III
  2. Mini:          Classes IV – VI
  3. Junior:       Classes VII & VIII
  4. Senior:       Classes IX & X

The annual competitions are held in two main events - Friday Competitions, and Annual Competition Week
Friday Competitions
As part of the Annual Competitions and Assessment, various competition items are conducted on Fridays. Students have the opportunity to showcase and enhance their skills/talents in their areas of interest. Item incharges provide necessary guidance to the participants.
Annual Competitions Week
The Institute organises one mega event every year called the Annual Competitions Week. During this week, competitions are conducted in various fields. They are aimed at both competition and assessment. Exceptional skills and talents are observed every year. The top three for each discipline in each category are awarded with a certificate of merit and a medal.

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