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Admission for new students from educational boards other than CBSE starts from the month of January while admission for current students starts from March. New students are admitted through admission tests depending on the availability of seats. Admission tests for Classes A to X are conducted in English and Mathematics. The dates for such tests will be notified at the time of issuing admission forms. Admission forms are available at the office counter.
Duly filled in admission form along with the following documents must be submitted at the office counter:

  1. Progress Report card of the previous academic year
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Transfer certificate
  4. Character certificate
  5. Passport sized photograph (for Class VI and above)

There are no tests for students seeking admission in Nursery. The minimum age of a child seeking admission for Nursery classes is 3 years.
The result of the admission tests will be declared within a week. All candidates selected for admission must pay the admission fee at the office counter within 3 days after the result is announced. Any candidate failing to pay the admission fee within the stipulated time will result in him/her forfeiting his/her seat which will be given to other waitlisted candidates.
The number of students admitted is strictly limited in such a manner that each and every one of the students in a class can be given individual attention.
For admission to the school boarding (College Of Ascension) and any related enquiry, please go to the College of Ascension page. Information regarding admission to Class XI are available at the Senior Secondary Sections page.

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