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The school has a well- equipped and a rich library with over 3000 volumes of books presently. The library is a learner- oriented laboratory which supports, extends and individualises the school’s curriculum.

The library is accessible to all the students and staff of the Institute. Library classes are organised by each subject- teacher as and when he/she feels it necessary.

Books in the library range from children’s encyclopaedia to books to help grow the students mentally and spiritually healthy. Besides, dailies, weeklies and journals are also made available.

As a library is like a living organism, ever- growing, it is also the dream of St. Paul’s Institute to expand and enlarge its library. It’s our aspiration to develop it to a fully equipped library where every book- lover can get access in which scholars and researchers can rely on. It’s our endeavor to make St. Paul’s Library as a “Book- lovers Home”

Any form of contribution or donation towards the library is always welcome.

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